International actress and Ambassadress


Silvia Busacca became a professional actress in 2017. However, her international role has made her a professional public figure since 2016, seeing her take the lead role in 8 countries around the world as an International Ambassador for the model United Nations and she is currently followed by the Rome-based foreign press agency Aise. Originally Sicilian, Silvia’s family is also international, as her parents emigrated in the 70s to the Californian city of Los Angeles. Her father worked closely with the US Consulate and lived mainly in Los Angeles, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Silvia has two brothers, one born in Hollywood and one in Sicily, and she is the youngest of the 3 children. Silvia lost both her parents in 2013, and the rest of the family lives in Los Angeles. Her late uncle ran a small tailor’s store there, which dressed American actresses.

Silvia’s passion for acting began at age 17, with a musical based on the diary of Anne Frank that officially launched her career as an actress. Silvia’s artistic training has led her to study at the leading drama school Accademia Artisti in Rome, and with other prominent figures such as: the Italian film master Pupi Avati; dubbing and voice actor Luca Ward; actors Paolo Conticini and Andrea Roncato; diction and communications professor Alberto Lori, also a RAI journalist. A prominent figure in her artistic career has been one of Italian theatre’s greatest directors: the master Ennio Coltorti who followed her academic career and, in 2017, cast her in the title role in a sitcom promoted by the same Accademia Artisti in Rome. Her Artistic Curriculum also includes the successful Campus on Cinema, promoted by the Taormina Film Festival 2010 and attended by Italian actors Ficarra and Picone, Italian actresses Cristiana Capotondi and Ambra Angiolini. Silvia has also participated in several master classes with international actors and filmmakers, among them American actor Robert De Niro, film producer Dario Argento and the designer Valentino, who held a training session (fashion master class) at the Taormina film festival in 2010. In 2008 she was already fully registered as an actress.

In 2010 she secured a promotion to artistic image at the film studios at Europa Film Communications in Rome. In 2016 she attended the Rome Cinefest receiving official accreditation from the event. As a UN ambassador, she was immortalized by the official photographer of Rome CinemaFest, Stefano Pietrucci, on the International red carpet (read the article)

At Rome CinemaFest 2016 Silvia Busacca attended masterclasses with American actors Tom Hanks, Oliver Stone, Meryl Streep, Viggo Mortensen, Roberto Benigni and David Mamet. In an interview, she described Viggo Mortensen as a brilliant actor with great stage presence (read the interview).

Silvia Busacca has also worked as a freelance journalist, she has written articles in major newspapers and blogs. Notably the official article on “National Civilian Service 2008” and various Italian articles. She has worked as a fashion model and starred in various photographic and advertising projects.
In 2016, she was an official judge for the national “Two Worlds” competition in Rome, taking on the role of Unicef ambassador for Australia. She reprised the same role in an international conference held in London in January 2016 (read the first article, read the second article).

In 2016 she was a guest and sponsor as International Ambassador, to the “World’s Leading Ragusan in 2016” followed by the foreign press agency AISE in Rome. She also attended the prize-giving for Gold Fingers, a European band who achieved worldwide fame in the 1970s, especially in Norway.
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Silvia Busacca has achieved global recognition for the Model United Nations and in 2016 became the only Italian to have represented Italy in the world as many as four times.

Silvia Busacca reprised her role as an international ambassador for the Model United Nations worldwide and has visited 8 European nations representing Italy, Australia, France and the United Kingdom:

Silvia Busacca speaks and writes level b2/c1 English and French, her native language is Italian and she also speaks Sicilian and other Italian dialects.

Silvia loves to read and write monologues. She has written two monologues, including a public monologue dedicated to women that can be found in the monologues and thoughts section (Explore the monologues section).

In an international interview for “Crazymind” she told the story of her journey from Model United Nations Ambassador to actress, and how she would love to star in an international film about the women’s world (read the article).

About herself, she says: “The question I am often asked is: How did you make the transition from Model United Nations Ambassador to the role of actress?” And I always answer: “There is no difference in the shift from Ambassador to actress, because in international conferences I was assigned a role and a character to play. It was an institutional role, like playing the role of Prime Minister or Ambassador, in a film, because we do that in life, too – we’re all acting in our own film. I acted in mine! It’s the story of my life!”