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Interview with Ambassador of United Nations Model Silvia Busacca

Silvia Busacca was born in Ragusa in Sicily and now she lives between Rome, Milan and different countries. She is an Ambassador of United Nations Models and she has been in 8 countries as United Nations Model. We have conducted an interview with her.

What is the most valuable experience you have learned about the world of international affairs and diplomacy as a former International Ambassador?

As a former Ambassador of the United Nations Models, I am glad to met of international talents and many important personalities at the international diplomatic level.

Which are the countries you have represented as a delegate?

I was twice the Prime Minister of Italy in Slovenia and in France in Paris at the European Council at an important international conference promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France and in Slovenia. Promoted by the embassy in Greece as a delegate for Italy, in regione de Bretagne also as a delegate for Italy, in Rome and London as Australian Ambassador of United Nations Models for UNICEF, in Zurich as a delegate for France, in Manchester as the Ambassador of UN Women UK against violence of women and girls.

How did you transit to become an actress at ‘International Actress Cinema’?

I started to act when I was 17 years old in a small theater exhibiting in a musical drawn by the Diary of Anne Frank and beginning my passion for the recitation. I was also a model and national and international ambassadors at different events.

What kind of roles do you wish to undertake as an actress? Which role will be the most challenging for you?

I would like to be the protagonist of an international film that speaks about the world of women. I’ve always been in roles of authority, and I would like to interpret the role of a character of strong authority that mirrors the universe of women.

I want to play a movie role of a woman who would reflect the image of all women of the world.

What are your personal strengths and talents?

My points of strength of my character are intelligence, the ambition, and the creativeness, I am the director and the manager of myself even if recently  I am followed by one of the most important managers in Italy Mr. Giancarlo Caremoli.

What new skills would you like to develop in the next 2-5 years?

In 2 or 5 years, I wish to become an International artist known all over the world and maybe get into the international film business scene. I would like to be also the ambassador of the United Nations in New York as International actress. Lots of stars in the world today are goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations. Today I am goodwill ambassador promoted by UN ambassador in Sweden, but I would like to be a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations in New York as Italian and International actress and to spend my life also to help the mission for Unwomen in the world and for UNICEF children.

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